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Build Your Cookie Pie


A chocolate chunk cookie pie dough filled with flavours and toppings of your choice
from £56


Choose your fillings


- Milk Chocolate
- White Chocolate
- Kinder Bueno
- Nutella
- Milk Chocolate and Caramel
-  White Chocolate and Caramac
- Cookies and Cream


- 'Everything' (assorted chocolates)
- Caramel (Rolo's, boost, etc.)
- Cherry Bakewell
- Oreo

- Lotus Biscoff Buiscuits
- Chocolate Orange

Choose your toppings:

- 'Everything' (assorted chocolates)
- Caramel chocolates
- Assorted white chocolates
- Assorted milk chocolates


- Kinder Bueno (+£3.00)
- Ferrero Roche (+£4.00)


Add a topper (optional):

Personalise your topper:

Background colour:

Colour of text:

- Silver
- Gold
- Rose gold
- white
- black

- pink
- blue
- navy
- purple
- yellow

bekki logo.jpg

*Toppers supplied by our staff member Bekki, of Bear Hands

acrylic topper.jpg

Disc Topper £5

Tell us your order!

Customise your cookie pie to your requirements!

Thanks for ordering!

*Any further enquiries, contact

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