Canape parties

-Cream cheese & honey glazed beetroot crostini

-Cucumber cups with sweet chilli beef

-Cucumber cup with hot & spicy chicken

-Crispy chicken bites

-Battered chicken bites

-Brie & cranberry puff

-Prawn Marie rose on bruschetta

-Home-made minted donner lamb, on a mini tortilla

-Mini baked potato with sour cream & chives

-Mini quiche Lorraine

-Mini cheese & onion quiche

-Mini minced beef & stilton pie

-Mini chicken & mushroom pie

-Onion bhaji

-Mini margarita pizza

-Cheese and paprika scones with cream cheese

-Mini sausage with a honey and mustard glaze

-Mini Yorkshire pudding with beef and horseradish crème fraiche

 (Best served hot, reheated from the oven)

-Mini toad in the hole

(best served hot, reheated from the oven)

-Mini banger with creamy mash potato

(Best served hot, reheated from the oven)

-Mini poppadum with chicken tikka and yoghurt

-Goats cheese & caramelised onion tartlet

-Mini sausage roll, with red onion chutney

-Veggie sausage roll

-King prawn in tempura batter

-Crab mimosa in a filo cup

Canape Desserts

Mini victoria sponge

Mini Lemon curd sponge

Mini Lemon daquoise

Mini brownie with chocolate truffle

Mini chocolate orange brownie

Mini scone

Mini carrot cake

Mini Limoncello dessert

Mini chocolate dessert